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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Okay, so now that I have the design of the Type 40 Tardis finalized, FINALLY, I can now focus more on the other things I wanted to do, in addition to the Tardis Type 40 Manual I am creating.. something akin to the classic starfleet cadet manual, this manual I am working on takes a deep in depth look at the Tardis and incorporates most aspects we have seen, and even explains the look of the newer ship..something you guys might like..who knows.. I wanted the book to concentrate mostly on the classic tardis, like the hartnell, to pertwee, and then jumps into the subsequent versions through the 8th incarnation..
the 2nd half of the manual will center on the rebuilt Tardis, and the changes made to the ship which obviously happened in the time war..

that all aside, below you will see a preview for the Gallifreyan Wars with the Vampires, a Bowship!

The Heavy Class Bowship Preview:

Bowships were warcraft used by the Time Lords in their war against the Great Vampires. (PDA: The Infinity Doctors, EDA: Interference - Book Two)
The primary weapon of a bowship was a launcher firing a "mighty bolt of steel" which was capable of killing a Great Vampire if it pierced it through the heart. (They absorbed attacks from directed energy weapons and rapidly regenerated damage from minor projectiles.)
As most of the details of the Vampire War exist only as legendary fragments, little is known of the exact specifications of Bowship construction. (DW: State of Decay)
Bowships were later used in the Last Great Time War, although their effectiveness against Dalek technology would have been presumably limited at best.

This Bowship has a spire on the front bow of the ship, incase of last resort the bowship can attain ramming speed and use it's front spire to impale a Great Vampire and succeed in it's mission. These ships had quantum Torpedoes and Mega-Stazers which could inflict tremendous damage on a Great Vampire, until they could use their Steel bolts. The Ship's weapon acts like a Hyper Magnetic accelerator, and super charges the bolt, which then is magnetically shot out at tremendous speeds to impale it's target within seconds of deployment. this provides that the Great Vampire can not deflect such actions, as it happens too fast. The Ship also sports psychic inhibitors, which protect the crew from the damaging dark energy effects, and the ship is adorned with symbols of the great Gallifreyan Empire, and as the ship travels it is protected by Old High Gallifreyan Text, which glows a Golden energy.. the ships are in a reddish brass colour, and sport bright blue hyperdrive engines..the front of the ship has a seperate bridge which regulates the weaponry, while the back section is the bridge, and navigational control, a secondary weaponry/Bridge facility is located below the Main bridge in case of dire circumstances..

The Bowship pictured is a heavy Cruiser class, I have a smaller freighter class and a larger dreadnought class in the works as well.. There are also factory ships which could latch onto an asteroid which could be mined for steel, and the ship's could teleport that spire into it's loading bay to reload for battle..

however, Long range teleportation was many cases these heavily armed massive mining ships would follow a formation of Warships as supply support.. they had limited weapons but great and powerful shielding and super thick hulls.

the name of this particular ship is written in high Galifreyan on the top section just behind the main weapons control, and says "Vanquisher"

I hope you guys like....

The Final Schematic will follow, with a detailed mark-up explaining where everything is on the ship..
by the way, this is a "Doctor Who" Schematics thread, so I am not just focusing on the Tardis here, there will be plenty of other designs done, like the Bowships, I will mainly be concentrating on Gallifreyan Tech first.. then on to others...some we have seen, some we haven't seen..but for now, the Bowships, the citadel of the Timelords, and some other Time Lord stuff, like the Academy..I will also get on into the Time war, and yes, various tardises will make their way here as well.. And yes, the Solar Engineering ship that once belonged to Omega, including a detailed look at the Hand of Omega..
now picture the massive ship that Rassilon commanded, it was black with burnt red in some areas, and adorned with golden glowing High Gallifreyan text.. that ship will be the last one of the bowships done..

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