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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

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And we told you so many times now that reviewers are only giving their subjective opinion, like any art critic for any form of art, for crying out loud.
Reviewers may give their subjective opinion, but prior to that, they also analyse the objective value of the artwork.

I may not be an expert in art, but if you think an artwork has no objective value you obviously know nothing about art.
Great argument. If you think artwork has any objective value you obviously know nothing about art. See, I can do that, too.
The difference is - art DOES have objective intrinsic value. Rembrant or da Vinci's works are, objectively, more valuable than garbage, JarodRussell.
Therefore, you're wrong.

ConRefit79 wrote: View Post
You're not going to change his mind. It is best to agree to disagree. At least he admitted the film's premise wasn't a total waste. He said with some more work on the script and a good effects house, it would be a decent film.
ConRefit79, JarodRussell is the one who's not going to change his mind, regardless of how unsupportable his position becomes.

And yes, it's time to agree to disagree.
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