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Guinan in "Q Who"

Yes, it was just on television so now I'm talking about it.
And yes, it is a great eps, I love it.

But what's the deal with Guinan?

Q flings the Enterprise into Borg space, and she knows it. And she knows about the Borg.
When Picard first asks her for help, she warns that they should start heading back now. She's right, and she did warn them. But pretty damn vague.

Then a Borg cube shows up. Picard asks Guinan to monitor and says he "needs her input"
All she offers is "They're called the Borg. Protect yourself or they'll destroy you."

Another sound warning from Guinan, but she should offer more substantial info.

Picard doesn't heed the warnings, and now a Borg intruder messes around in engineering.

Then there's a conference with Guinan.
Okay NOW she starts talking about how they come in swarms, in force. You cannot reason with them, you cannot stop them. Shoulda said so before Guinan!

Next comes the Borg attack that kills 18 people.

A *second* conference with Guinan and Picard asks again "how much can you tell us, anything would help"
And NOW Guinan talks about how the Borg are organic and artificial life that's been developing for thousands of centuries, yadda yadda yadda.

And my point is...

Picard usually heeds Guinan's advice and warnings.
This time, not so much. In fact, the Borg are the ones who really convince him to get the hell outta there.

And what's with Guinan? Picards asks--several times--for her advice, her input, her knowledge.

Guinan knows a Borg cube, knows the race, knows what they do, how they operate, knows they can outrun and outgun Starfleet. Yet she doesn't say anything until AFTER the sh1t hits the fan?

Waaaayyyy back in Ten Forward, Guinan should have said right then and there "Oh yes, this is Borg space. The Borg are a race of organic and artificial life. There are thousands of them. They are relentless. You cannot defeat them, you cannot reason with them. They will destroy you. Avoid them at all costs."

Because really... she said all that anyway. Only not up front. Why wouldn't she??

Aside from dramatic purposes that would have cut the eps short, if Guinan knew about the Borg, why would she NOT have revealed it all as soon as Picard asked at the beginning?

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