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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

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Anit has the luxury of his moral indignation, simply by the fact that he wasn’t in command. John, however, has to live with the aftermath of that decision.
Just to say, before pitching into the story, Anit doesn't have any luxury at all; he'll be second guessing himself for a long time to come as to whether he could have done anything different. Intellectually he knows it was inevitable, viscerally he was the one with Herk's life at his hands. That leaves a mark; believe me !

I'm late into this ep so most stuff has been said. We were bound to jump back into the Sun & Moon eventually but this was radically different from most crises in Trek — it was so absolute. In canon that hardly ever happens outside resettable situations (dreams / timetravel / et al) and we aren't going to get many of those in Kesworld.

We were thrown into a really in-your-face situation. One that highlights so many of the weaknesses of Tesseract (are these harbingers): the size of the beast, the power dependence, the civilian contingent and the predominantly sub par crew. That's always been one of my personal caveats about the later Trek ships; their sheer insularity and the inability to eyeball the universe in any way sans powered sensors. There are no handy portholes anymore.

John . . . John he can't help getting attached to people. That is why he was put at arm's length; being unable to function effectively at all around people he cares for and you could see him even beginning to bond with Herk but this once he had to bite the bullet. Quite a counterpoint to Adele's tough command style last time around and yet . . . would we see it was as difficult for her as it was for John here; if we had the same running insight into her thought processes?

This would be a runner to replace Kobayashi Maru.
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