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Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2010 news thread *SPOILERS for everything!*

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You'd be on edge because of circumstances but not because that's your actual nature. Norton gave me the impression of a guy who was born stressed out. I know it's a fine distinction and probably influenced by my impression that Norton himself is the kind of guy who would throw an on-set tirade (and maybe something like that is what led to the rift with Marvel?)
I doubt it considering Marvel needed a big name star to get butts back in the seats after Ang Lee's film and that Marvel asked Norton for his input in making it. I'm thinking it's because Marvel has Downey, Jackson & Johannssen to sell the Avengers and they don't feel the need to pay someone like Norton when they can hire the cheaper Ruffalo. Plus, Marvel's been aquired by Disney since the Incredible Hulk too. So new executives with new ideas in franchise direction stepped in.
Besides, I've heard about more tirades from Russel Crowe, Val Kilmer & Mel Gibson than I've ever heard about Ed Norton.
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