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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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One of, if not THE, driving forces of Hulk stories is that Banner wants to be "de-powered" and not be Hulk.

Granted other heroes don't have Banners problem, just saying its not necessarily a bad story telling device.
It does depend on how the stories are handled. The Thing's moaning did get a bit old but Storm had her powers wiped by Forge in the 90s and it led to a very interesting story arc. Wolvie lost his powers nad started to die (since his bones couldn't make enough red blood cells).

It is true though that most long term heroes have lost their powers at least once! In terms of a movie franchise, I think they will only do it if they want to resolve a character's story to introduce some new characters. Since it is part of any character's comic history, nobody is safe!

Plus fans of Ms Marvel need not worry if she is in a coma for an Xmen movie as long as she's awake again for the next Avengers flick. Ms Marvel and Wasp do seem the most likely candidates for the future but the line up may well depend on who they think they can sell as a solo franchise. Maybe Hawkeye is up for his own flick and Mockingbird will feature there...?
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