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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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^No, it's lazy.

You give a character superpowers and the only way you can tell an interesting story is to take them away ? What was the point of giving them to that person in the first place ?

Heroes jumped the shark when it started doing that over and over again, so I would hope that nobody would be dumb enough to do it here.
Don't be silly, it isn't the only way you can tell an interesting story but it is one way.

Heroes had various problems with its stories, much as I enjoyed them, including a tendency to use the reset button, and rehashing themes that should have been done and dusted. Plus, it isn't really Carol's story, it's Rogue's - Carol becomes a vegetable after losing her mind (in the comics Professor X actually restored most of her memories but none of the emotions attached to them - there was also a great scene where she chewed out the Avengers for abandoning her). In Heroes, Nicky's split personality was an interesting twist on the alter ego theme and giving some of that to Rogue could be interesting too. Carol can sit in a coma for a movie for all I care.
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