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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

I think the whole "dreams weren't dream like enough" argument is silly. First of all the "architect" and Cobb were both populating and creating the environment of the dream to make as realistic as possible so the subject would think it was real life.

Secondly, I think too many people get their idea of how dreams "are" not from their own experiences but from how dreams are represented in other media. Dreams in most TV shows, movies, etc. are very surreal and wacky. And while from an awake, contemplative, mind that dream may have seemed very WTF while you're in it it strikes you as very real and if you really reflect on it the dream was mundane. You didn't have melting clocks, or characters in it looking like they're from a French expressionist painting it looked like, well, the real world.

So I'm not sure how the "dreams not being dream-like" enough argument works when in the movie the dreams were being controlled by characters who were making sure the dream seemed like reality and that dreams themselves aren't (and if they are they're usally -for me anyway- the exception rather than the norm) very dream-like themselves.

Oh, one more thing I picked up on.

In the city/GTA dream level it is pouring rain, it seemed this was the case because their Chemist had to pee and he forgot to go before being put under on the plane.
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