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Re: Replicator resolution

I'd argue that the quality of replicated food has little to do with the perceived quality of replicated food...

But the thing would be, pressing those keys would make the meal more costly to create, so the act might carry an artificially imposed penalty of some sort. There could also be a natural penalty in that making a better meal would take significantly more time, negating many of the advantages of the process. If a microwave oven roasted a superior beef but took six hours doing so, a traditional oven would still win.

Interestingly, it was the Cardassian replicators that we saw doing the most impressive replication feats in Trek. Terok Nor hardware replicated and enlarged the probability-altering devices in "Rivals"; Terok Nor hardware created the phaser emitter that threatened our heroes in "Civil Defense"; Terok Nor hardware was altered into a fine-tuned mini-transporter in "Visionary". And I don't know if our DS9 heroes really complained about the "Cardassian-made" dishes more than our TNG heroes complained about their UFP ones, but my gut feeling is that they actually complained less. It was just that the machines on DS9 were often broken during the first season, and the heroes (mainly Sisko) complained about that.

Timo Saloniemi
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