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Re: My Pet's Cuter Than Yours, So Suck It

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My cat, Cleo.
I had a siamese (Muffin) when I was little that looked just like Cleo. Many siamese cats have really skinny faces but I like the look of Cleo and Muffin.
What you're describing is the difference between the Modern (ugly) Siamese and the Traditional/Applehead Siamese (sometimes even seems to be known as Tonkinese). I much prefer the traditional type myself.

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^^^ See if you can get the media to run a story. They love crazy cat lady/animal endangerment stories, it gets their readers/viewers all fired up. Maybe someone will take notice after that.
Good idea if you're getting a bureaucratic runaround. Heck, maybe even Animal Planet would be interested.

And here's my family cat...just one. She's a little girl...13 years old, very compact...short and stout, about 12 pounds but very small. When we first got her, they thought she was about 12 weeks old at the shelter, but the vet said she was 16 weeks old and that she would "always shop in the petite section." I've almost forgotten what a full-sized cat is like!

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