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Re: "Glinn" Kattell Seskal--another Seska alter ego

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
I'm not sure Natima Lang could be called smaller-chested

But those serving in the military surely managed to work it out somehow.
Well, Natima Lang wasn't flat, but lemme put it this way--I have never seen a Cardassian woman anywhere near as well endowed as a Dabo girl! In terms of bra size, I would say no more than B or maybe C.

CuttingEdge100 wrote: View Post
A Glinn is like an LCDR or CDR right?
Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
According to the canon, yes, I'd say it's a high rank, such as cmdr.

But in the TerkLit for some reason it's just a Lt. Never made sense to me
I disagree completely with the Treklit decision because it completely flies in the face of what we saw Damar doing while in the role of a glinn. Had we not had that extensive look into Damar's duties, I could maybe see justifying that it was a lower rank, but there is no question that Damar was Dukat's XO.
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