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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

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I'm a big proponent of form following function, and the lines of force of a magnetic field (for example) are beautiful curves. Any structure that followed such lines of force (presumably for some super-science purposes) would also reflect that beauty and bring to mind a technology melded with nature.
Psion, Special thanks to you... I took some time off, and read up on some material concerning the Tardis..

what I found out is more amazing..
the design I finally have is the one..

and I have you to thank for the suggestion of the circular structures surrounding the the Time Lord citadel..
thanks man!

Okay, so here is how it is done..

a Tardis construction:

1st thing is to create the dimension in which the ship is to be constructed and grown..

the massive Tardis engines are built, and the central computer data core, and a massive artron energy mainframe..

a structural frame is then built, and then a main console room is constructed.. after that the massive dynamorphic generator rooms are grown, inside they house massive crystal power generators, which siphon particles from the time vortex and provide power for the Tardis.. there are ports on the massive engine that suck in particles and feed them to the crystal dynamorphic generators..There are dimensional stabilizers which hang down from the main room masses these control the tardis direction and maintain it's path while it travels..

once that is done, a block math transfer is done to recreate a singularity simulating the eye of harmony in the Tardis cloister room.. the main power source of the Tardis..

the Tardis is then grown in size to equal it's power output, and the ship is then ready for configuration... the interior is then mapped to the Pilot's mind, and is adjustable accordingly...via the architectural configuration system..

the outside of the tardis sports massive Roundels..(i may redo that to just have etched Time lord text, but for now, I kinda like the roundels as it ties the exterior of the ship to the interior we all know..) the top section houses the dematerialize and materialization generators, the communications and sensory array, and various other scientific equipment..
with this all finalized.. I give you the concept art for the Tardis!

I will of course do a fully lined version, and do the top, and bottom view, as well as a parts dissection, and basic frame section for view in the Tardis manual coming soon..

the Tardis is partly built, and constructed.. the rest is grown through particle assembly and the dimensions can be reconfigured, or modified with sufficient power think star trek replicators but on a massive scale, and so intricate that is has to be mapped out in full detail.. which takes tons of computer configurations..(but the main Tardis Structure has to be intact to maintain the ship's foundation, SO THAT PART IS BUILT THROUGH CONVENTIONAL MEANS BY TARDIS ENGINEERS..)

Here is the rough concept.. it is perfect! I hope you guys like it.. I sure do. the engines have that Victorian Ironworks feel to it like the source materials say.. this is Also to tie into the 8th doctor's use of the original Tardis console in the 1996 movie.. the base console is the one used by him and sports a Victorian ironwork style, as do the tardis rooms that are first constructed..until programmed into more complex rooms..

also, the default Tardis console room is the hartnell one, and the secondary room is the wooden one.. ANY WAYS, THE TARDIS MANUAL I AM WORKING ON WILL MAP WHERE THE OTHER TARDIS ROOMS ENDED UP..AND WILL PROVIDE A FRAME WORK FOR THE SHIP MINUS THE ROOMS.. FROM THE TOP VIEW THE SHIP LOOKS LIKE A MASS OF HEXAGONAL ROOMS, WITH SMALL CORRIDOR CONNECTIONS.. the mass of the ship is placed in comparison size to the galaxy class enterprise ships shown below it..I think that this size is more realistic to the Doctor's's scale is indeed massive! think of how many rooms, decks, and places were on the TNG enterprise.. then imagine that saucer section in relation to the Tardis shown above.. the doctor could reconfigure the Tardis over and over and over again, with all that still there in one ship because of the sheer mass of the thing..

scroll up and take another gander at the time lord citadel above, and then look back at the design of this new tardis.. see a cool resemblance? I do.. it has the flavor of that architecture.. which is what I always wanted.. since the Tardis is ancient as mentioned by River song, the ship should have an old victorian, hg wells style engine system..which I hope I managed to get in this design..

anyways, I can't wait to explore more of this design in the upcoming tArdis manual, I will upload here exclusive to Trekbbs, and my deviant art page only.. so hang in there guys till then, it is in the works..

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