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Re: My Pet's Cuter Than Yours, So Suck It

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. . . I live next door to a certified crazy cat lady who leaves dishes of food out for all the strays and neighborhood cats. What has happened over the years is the cats mate and produce more and more kittens. In fact, hundreds of kittens, who become cats that mate again and again. The problem became so horrible that i was forced to call every agency under the sun to help, but thanks to bullshit beaurocracy, no one could help me. Her house STINKS as does mine thanks to all the cats who use my house, roof, front porch and yard as their own personal litterbox.
I don't know where you live, but can't the local animal control authorities or the local SPCA or equivalent be of any help? Sounds like the situation is bad for the cats and for the neighbors, and it's creating a health hazard.
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^The local health department is another tree you can bark up.

Thanks for your suggestions, but i have tried every avenue. She was given citations from the health dept. but thats all they can do. I'm pretty sure she's moved the dishes into the backyard now, and they cannot legally go onto her property. Truth is, i use to trap them (in a humane trap) and have caught over 120 cats and kittens. I would bring them to the humane society and they would put them up for adoption (except for the extremely feral ones whch they unfortunately had to put down). Because none of the cats ever get spayed or neutered it is just a continuing cycle. Anyway, the humane society started charging $50 per cat brought in, so i can't bring them there anymore. I warned them that if they charged people the feral population would increase tenfold, because NO ONE is going to pay $50 to bring in a stray.

I've seen the population start to grow again. There's currently a couple of new litters now, about 8 new kittens that i'd say are about 3 or 4 months old. It's going to get very bad here soon. It depresses the shit out of me.

I think i may have to go into her backyard when she's not home to confirm whether or not she's putting the food down there. It would all be so simple if she stopped feeding them. Then they'd just find someplace else to go. But by doing what she thinks is the right thing is really the wrong thing as it only leads to more cats coming to her house and multiplying.
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