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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Took a few days off and went to Kentucky. But, I've otherwise been working on deck 7.. trying to figure out what to do with it in terms of seperating the parts of it. It's been a very long process. I'm not done yet; but, here's where that stands:

Decks 6 & 7 are the two largest in the ship; so, this may yet take a while; but, there isn't far left to go after this. The inner walls and outer skins once again have been seperated (huge headache where this deck is concerned esp.), the floor and ceiling sections have been seperated as well. The engineering section is being chopped free as this section has already been worked. The poly count for this deck increased. I expected that; but, I'm not done.

More to come.
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