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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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But the film has way too many stretches in believeability, way too much exposition to be enjoyed. And it seems that Nolan is constantly trying too hard to fool his audience that you can't relly enjoy it.
I would have to agree... it's a mostly entertaining film, and it's a real technical achievement, but it doesn't nearly contain as many profound ideas as people think. I mean, am I supposed to be bowled over by the idea that what we perceive as reality might be a dream? That's freshman-level philosophy, and it was handled much better in The Matrix.

I think the thing with Nolan's films is that they carry such a heavy air of self importance that people start to think his movies actually are that important. At least at first. But I think in a couple of years you will see the same thing happening with Inception that's happening right now with The Dark Knight, where people are more comfortable expressing the problems they had with it. Right now we're in that period of time where everyone rushes to the IMDb to vote 10/10 and get it ranked as the third best movie ever.

Honestly, the more I think about Inception, the less sense it makes, even by the arbitrary rules laid down in the script. For instance... when Leo and Marion go down to limbo they supposedly were there for what felt like 50 years. The only problem is, they didn't take the kids with them. So, Leo loved his kids so much that he would do anything to see them again, but he was willing to live the equivalent of 50 years without them. Does... not... compute.
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