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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

I just saw it tonight in Imax and thought it was amazing. Hard to find any flaws and it was so refreshingly thought out. I could scream in joy. No more putting stuff on screen for the sake of doing it!

Curious if anyone else picked up on some of my favorite things, the subtitle details.

Notice in the beginning the children are making a row of bland and box-like sand castles, one of which crumbles in front of Tom. Later, when in Limbo, the first thing we see is a line of buildings, one of which crumbles into the water.

Notice how as the time inside Limbo progressed, the buildings towered more and more in the background like prison bars. This is true both for their time (years and years of making buildings) and our time, watching in the theater.

Notice all the elements of Tom's inner demons could be seen for brief seconds as Ariadne rides the elevator, such as the train.

Notice how the jobs always take place on a moving vehicle, the train, then the plane. Additionally one of the inner dreams takes place in a van. I personally thought this represented the journey of the characters.

I could notice more subtle things on more viewings. Finally, a movie that challenges you to watch it instead of encouraging you to stare.
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