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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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Thank You! I had always suspected that about OG. All those chain places are pretty dreadful, frankly.
Don't get me wrong -- I don't begrudge Olive Garden its existence. There's a great deal of the population that doesn't like local restaurants, because they don't have fancy commercials or the name brand, and they want over-salted, over-sugared food that is rather bland and inoffensive. Groovy. I pity those people, as they're missing out on a lot of culinary experiences, but if the businesses are making money, more power to 'em.

The reason I hate Olive Garden is how it advertises itself as high-quality, gourmet dining. It's not. It's about as far from gourmet dining as you can get. With the way the kitchen operates, Olive Garden is the McDonald's of Italian food. But all of its materials, in television, print, online, etc., they all try to push Olive Garden as the finest Italian restaurant in the country. That's my problem -- so many retarded goobers around the nation have adopted the idea of "Olive Garden = three Michelin star dining" that it's hard for restaurants that actually do produce Italian cooking to get a foothold.

Most chain restaurants don't mis-represent themselves. Chili's (which I find to be the least objectionable of the major chains), Applebee's, TGI Friday's -- they're all very up-front about what they serve. They serve quickly made food that is seasoned to the point of being inoffensively bland, and people eat it up. But they don't position themselves as fine dining. Olive Garden does.
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