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Re: Shiri Appleby: Genre babe of the week #26 (July 2010)

Very nice. Never bothered with Roswell. Too much angst. I like her look, though. Tiny works. Unless it's the actual twelve year old pictured above, at which point it becomes too tiny and creepy...and illegal.

Yoda, man, way to throw that curve ball. She's small and looks like she's 19, so Thumbs Up, right? Nope! That Age-discriminating LIDAR sniffed out the spinsterish truth - the hag's 31. Thumbs Down! Cover it with a she's not pretty and she's tiny to confound the uninitiated, but I know you smell the scent of death on her.

I picture you flinching in horror as each GBOW with any hint of maturity repels you like a living portrait of Dorian Gray. Which is awesome because it reminds me of that great short story and your posts always amuse me in these threads. So, bonus!
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