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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

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About the simplistic dialogue--one thing that is evident in every Star Wars film is that when the really dramatic scenes appear, the dialogue becomes very simplistic, and in some ways even clichéd. In a more flattering sense, it is very archetypal, because Lucas was trying to call on that very basic archetype of the hero's journey.

So, while I normally would have found the dialogue cheesy during the death scene, there is an appropriate context...I can easily see Lucasfilm writing and shooting a movie of this story exactly the way you wrote it. And that, in the end, is a good thing.

(BTW, you'll want to use "multiquote" to reply to more than one person. The mods tend to see 3 posts in a row as "spamming.")

Thanks for the response, especially for the little tag at the end - I hadn't realised that 3 posts would be considered spamming. I'll make sure to use the multiquote reply from now on.

I'm glad that the dialogue follows your expectations from a Star Wars story. It wasn't intentional, so I may need to watch it for my other (non-SW) stories, but as long as it works for this one, I'm happy!

Thanks again for the comments!


Gojirob wrote: View Post
Excellent, as always. Ani realizing he needs Obi-Wan is very mature. Its almost a pity Han and Ani in their canon-primes never got to fight side-by-side---the hot heads duking it out to see who can be more reckless.

The scenes with Prince Han were also great. Though I wouldn't want you to make this Empire incompetent, I almost await their being taken by surprise on 'some' front.
Oooh, an Ani/Han match-up (or face-off?) would be very cool. I may have to keep that in mind for the future!

Anakin has had to make some decisions in this story that he might not have made otherwise, including recognising Obi-wan's importance, and what he has done for him. He has grown as a man since the hot-head days we know from the prequel trilogy, both because of what he suffered at Palpatine's hands and being a father. I'm glad that shows through here.

Also happy that this alternate Empire comes across as ready for anything - there is a reason things have gone (and will continue to go) differently in this story, and the competency of the Empire is one of them.

Thanks for reading, glad for the comment!

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Excellent stuff...I'm liking this Solo almost as much as I like the real Han. As for how Prince Solo could have had a Sabbac game with Lando. He is a Prince, and I assume that in his younger years he was more adventurous and a little free wheeling. He could have ended up having a Sabbac game with a group of questionable people whom he ended up liking because they reminded him of who he could be if he didn't have all this responsibility and protocol to follow. I was thinking it would be a one time thing from his past. Nothing overt.
I agree with you entirely on the possible explanation for Han losing the Sabbac game with Lando. I doubt I will ever confirm one way or another whether it happened, but leaving it as a possibility, under the surface of the story, works for me!

Glad that you enjoy this portrayal of Han. Thanks for the comment!
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