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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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The way I saw it, since Saito was dying in the dream state, that instead of waking up, because the sedative Yusuf gave everybody was so strong, that his mind would be mush when he woke up. The same would presumably happen to Cobb -- since they were so deep into the sub-conscious, and the sedative was so strong -- that he would be lost in limbo for a very long time, and when he woke up, he would have very limited mental capacity.

That was the concern on Cobb's part when Saito got shot, since if he died in the dream, when he woke up he wouldn't have any mental capacity thus forgetting the deal he made with Cobb in the first place.

So I would assume the same would've happened with Cobb -- he would have lived, but when he did wake up, his mind would be pretty much gone.
This is how I saw it as well. Cobb spelled it out pretty plainly.
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