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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

I've created a page on our website for "Filming the Old Guys":

The backstory for this episode is quite simple. After a number of people looked at our cast photos, they asked the question, "Where are all the old guys?" Well, this little vignette examines why there aren't that many senior officers on the Potemkin at this time.

I also created Building the Bridge 12 which shows the last two days of building the bridge. That'll probably be the last in the bridge series as we're now about to start construction on the turbolift, rear alcove and captain's ready room.

I intend to take a week off before resuming any construction. Just need to recharge my batteries and let my tennis elbow heal a bit before getting the saw and OSB out for the next installment. Something about filming 5 hours in 95 degrees that takes a lot out of a guy!
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