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Re: Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance Discussion, Pics etc Till Relea

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Didn't I hear that they're using David Goyer's script that he wrote more then a decade ago?
I heard we was going to rework some of that script(what it's about I don't know) but I'm sure better details will emerge in the months ahead. After all these are details 9months old, something(s) may have changed that is yet to be reported.
So when I had the chance to ask him about the script and the project, he confirmed the story from last week and said “Ghost Rider 2″ was going to be based on his 9 year old script and all they were going to have to do is polish it up. The reason for the polish is his script was written for an R rating, and Sony wants to make “Ghost Rider 2″ PG-13. But while many of us would love to see an R rated “Ghost Rider”, he did say they got away with a lot in “The Dark Knight”, and he hopes to walk a similar path on “Ghost Rider 2″.
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