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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

hi trekkers

im elliot
i have been simming for a while and i have come up with an idea

my idea is:

the year is 2431 in a paralell universe

the two super powers in the universe are the federation which include the normal people and (this is the good bit) the imperal romulan state, the klingons and.... the borg

the other one is the typoon pact which include the tholians breen dominion kinshaya the romulan star empire the gorn

the federation controlls the delta quadrent and some of the alpha quadrent

the federation is at war with the typoon pact

the federation has borg enhanced ships and weapons and also cybernetic enhancements


and i was wondering if anyone was willing to take on that idea and give me the command of a task force/ fleet of ships or something like that

i can do play by forum simming or play by sms/nova simming but i cant do timed simming cause i live in the uk

any question/comments/tips or anything you need contact me on here or by email (no spam if you do spam ill report you)

hey im elliot

pm me to chat
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