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Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2010 news thread *SPOILERS for everything!*

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I was there for the Caprica panel when they mentioned him coming back to Smallville. The lines to get into panels are ridiculous!) I sat thru SGU and Caprica to watch the big bang theory one. I saw Dexters yesterday, but missed out true bloods. We were so close to getting in after 3 hours of waiting.
Agreed that the lines were ridiculous. I got in line early to try to get into the Caprica panel and finally gave up when the line moved far enough up for me to see there were at least 1000 people in line ahead of me and the Caprica panel was already half over at that point since it had taken so long in line just to get that far in it.

And of course no one running the lines bothered to mention that there was no chance of getting into the panel to save us wasting our time trying.
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