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Re: The Joke Thread.

OKAY, I'll see if I can reconstruct it - not an easy task, considering it's from before the age of Google and came in a bunch of similar stuff (anecdotes and jokes about science and the people of science)...

So, erhm, the notoriously distraught mathematics professor Vaclav Something-or-other of the university of Prague(?) And his wife were going on a train journey.

Arrived at the station his wife knew better than having professor Whatshisname go and buy the tickets and therefore merely wanted him staying where he was so she told him: "Vaclav dear, keep an eye on our ten suitcases while I go and get the tickets."


Some minutes later when his wife returned with the tickets the professor asked her: "why did you say we had ten suitcases whwn there are clearly only nine?"

Quickly counting the luggage she turned to her husband and said: "You are wrong dear we do have ten suitcases!"

"No, no" the professor said, pointing to the suitcases "count them with me: zero, one, two, three...

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