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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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But but but... driving is the best part, always has been in the GTA series
I gave up on GTA 4 because it got too frustrating trying to weave through traffic to catch a guy who can drive perfectly.
The chases in GTA4 were too damned scripted. In previous games you could do some nifty driving and cut a guy off in a few seconds... in GTA4 it played like a cut scene. You're best off just slowly trailing the guy until the game decides you've done enough chasing. Kind of a slap in the face to the whole concept of open sandbox gameplay if you ask me.
That much is true, the chases were immersion-breakingly overscripted, especially if you're a good driver and/or in a superior vehicle.

Overly scripted missions generally defeat the point of the whole sandbox experience.

On topic: Finished the campaign in Halo Wars, extremely satisfying experience from a Halo lore perspective (ZOMG, it's a Shield World ), but also surprisingly fun in terms of gameplay (while simplified in many respects, the controls work pretty damn well - considering this is a console RTS).
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