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Re: The Joke Thread.

^ I don't get it...

A man hears a voice in his head one day. The voice says: "Quit your job, take all your money, and go to Vegas." At first he ignores it, but the voice won't shut up. It just keeps saying the same thing, "Quit your job, take all your money, and go to Vegas."

So one day the guy can't take it anymore and listens. He does exactly what the voice says - he quits his job, takes all the money out of his bank account, and flies to Vegas.

As soon as he steps off the plane, the voice says "Go to Caesar's Palace." So he does.

"Make your way to the roulette table." The guy does that.

"Put all your money on red 17." The guy puts all his money on red 17.

The wheel spins...and comes up black 10.

The voice says, "Fuck."
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