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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

Ok.. Saw it.. Really loved it a lot.. Now.. Bring on Tron...

Oh.. my review.. Short and sweet..

I was SOOOO glad that Nolan stayed away from the trite and jaded "dream sequence" stuff that takes place in so many movies from the past.. Lots of swirling mists and colors.. Goofy stuff that really adds up to nothing more than filler.. Kind of like the Enterprise flying into V'ger.. What seems like an endless excuse to blow the budget on FX. Sure there was stuff that was obviously "unreal", but it was firmly planted in the "real world"..

My only issue.. Leo.. I really just don't like him as an actor.. I'd like to see him without the stubble sometime... I know he looks 12 without it, but c'mon.. There was very little difference between his look and attitude between Inception and Shutter Island.. Dead wife.. Longing for his kids.. I realize that's related to a plot device and not his performance, but he played it the same way..
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