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Re: Space: 1999 arrives on Blu-Ray!

This was another show I never expected - in fact assumed - couldn't be released to Blu-Ray. Nice to be proven wrong. And the fact they're "restoring" not "redoing" is something I applaud. Just shows again how unnecessary the redoing of the special effects on Trek TOS was (though that was proven when the unaltered TOS episodes came out on Blu-Ray).

Definitely one I'll consider getting. Now that A&E has Blu-Ray'd The Prisoner and Space: 1999, does that mean UFO, the Supermarionation shows, and Farscape (recently reissued by A&E) might be next?


PS. This will probably be my last post here. I won't name names or point at specific threads, but the atmosphere at TrekBBS has become extremely unwelcoming in recent weeks for anyone with opinions about TV shows, formats, etc. and I really am not interested in getting flamed every time I open my mouth. Hell, someone's probably gonna flame me for knocking Trek Remastered on this post. Well, have at it. I'm outta here. Which is a shame because I wouldn't have known about Space: 1999 on BD if it weren't for this board. Fortunately I can still read threads without having to contribute, so I become a lurker...
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