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Re: The Joke Thread.

^ So she's a little brought down by this news, and goes home. Hubby's at work, so she is standing naked in front of the full-length mirror, trying to look up inside there to see how big this hole really is.

She can't quite get the angle on it, so she takes the mirror off the wall, puts it on the floor and straddles it, bent at the knees, peering down (and up) into herself.

Her husband walks in the door, briefcase and suit jacket in hand, and freezes. "Honey," he says, "just what in the world are you doing?"

A tad embarassed, she fumbles for an explanation. "Oh...I'm just doing some special stretching exercises."

He gestures towards the mirror. "Well, be careful you don't fall in that fuckin' hole!"

Thank you very much, you've been a great crowd! :0
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