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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

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I've not read the entirety of the Expanded Universe books, but I do love the X-Wing series, and so I did enjoy the arrival of Kirtan Loor to the story. You seem to have caught his arrogance and superciliousness well.

As always, a well written piece of work. It's the little details that make it come alive, Han tapping a finger against his leg whilst waiting for a door to open, or his memories of what Ly' had said about his eating habits. Things like that add depth to the narrative.
First things first - love the avatar! Glorious! I would pay good money to see that match-up!

So cool you picked up on the Kirtan Loor cameo - I actually started writing this with an anonymous imp who looked like Tarkin, and then suddenly remembered the X-wing series (a series which by the way is my all time favourite series of Star Wars books). Glad that you feel I caught his character well.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad that I'm able to provide those little touches that make the story come alive.

More coming soon!

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