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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

I think some took the "maze" thing too literally. It's possible it was less about making a physical maze and more about making a mental maze and within that it was less about "making a maze" and more about "making something challenging in a short amount of time to prove your worth and ingenuity."

There was some brief mention of it at one point and, I think, one of the "deeper" levels was "the maze" possibly the pre-limbo level. Also it's possible at some point the maze would've come into play if their time-table wasn't truncated.

Remember they thought they had vastly more amounts of time to work with, something like years when they got to the bottom, pre-limbo, level. But the target's immune system attacking them forced them to think on their feet a bit more and rush things a bit. The first level's time was barely only an hour at the very most when it was supposed to be something like three or four days.

So I don't think she needed to make a physical maze so much as she just needed to make a "mental maze" that'd keep the subject "lost in his own mind" enough to not realize what was going on. that everytime he thought he'd figured out what was going on that he would find himself in a corner or going down a new path.
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