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Re: Space: 1999 arrives on Blu-Ray!

Well, the greatest and most visually impressive sci-fi show ever made comes to bluray. Network DVD have just announced a British release, which I suppose would be a preferable option - one presumes it would run at the correct speed for a start. However, I was just wondering whether it owuld be worth investing in this. I've already got the Network DVD set, which is fantastic quality - and in straitened financial times, I seriously have to wonder how much better it can possibly look. I'm also aware of the fact that the DVD exposes some of the production techniques - wires and so on - and for instance, Peter Cushing's ethereal world in Missing Link looked dreamy and strange when I saw it on VHS - now I can quite clearly see it's filmed inside a back-lit tent! Do I really want any more clarity? How much is too much? If it shows us things that the creators never intended...
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