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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The USS Artemis is a Play-by-Email RPG (or "simulation") focusing on the adventures of the named vessel, an Akira-II class carrier, in the early part of the 25th century, some time after the events of "Star Trek Nemesis" and the "Prime Universe" portion of the most recent "Star Trek" feature film. After 3 years of high-quality roleplay, the Artemis's storyline is still going strong, and we seek new players as the ship exits an IC period of refitting in the Sol System in the second half of 2410. Those new to the concept of roleplaying, or Play-by-Email roleplaying specifically, will find themselves as welcome as even the most veteran player, with both command (the Game Masters) and the average player all eager to help you get used to, and enjoying, playing and writing stories with us.

Characters are sought most in the following areas:

Medical Personnel
Security Officers
Science Personnel
Fighter Pilots

We invite you to consult for more information.

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