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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

I really liked the film but was really disappointed as well.

Page was pretty awful. She was kind of snappy in Juno, but in every other role, she has a blank look on her face. Here, she seemed to wear it even while spouting dialogue the actress herself could not comprehend. And WTF, Caine pulls her out of class, and suddenly she's some great architect who sucks worse than I ever did at creating mazes. She becomes the exposition character, who gets and gives all the exposition, and her blandness - how one-dimensional her character was- nearly sunk the film.

The big snow scene made me feel like I was watching G.I. Joe the movie (remember the snow scene at the beginning of the animated film? That was this whole scene). And what a cheat using the bland-looking ventilation system instead of seeing the maze. Made me feel that Page's character was even more useless to the whole film.

This movie proceeds with the idea that every image of a dream must mean something. I would agree that most images in a dream do, but not all. There's always something out of whack.
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