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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Thanks! We film our vignette Friday, so we're scrambling to get things done. I'm buying a portable air-conditioner tomorrow to install in addition to the other work. We'll run the exhaust out the side of the carport along with the condensation hose. Shouldn't take but thirty minutes to do...

I'm not sold on the fabric covering on the rail myself. I think I'm going to have my daughter re-do them after filming the vignette. I put them on with a staple gun, and I think we need to glue 'em on instead for the actual episode. She cut the material then went back to Troy to move her stuff out of her old apartment and into her new one. She'll be back Friday to help and all with the production, but it'll be too late to try gluing them down that day.

I'm about to post a link in a few minutes to our first special effects shot (Page 1, Frame 5 & 6, Scene 0b) from "The Old Guy." Bill Walker did a very nice job with it.
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