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Re: Space: 1999 arrives on Blu-Ray!

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I've never seen it. Is it worth taking a look at? And is it worth taking a look at on Blu-Ray?
I think the first season definitely is. The second season (if they release it later), not so much.
Aah, "Moonbase Alpha"...Yeah, it was pretty low-res even when it was new, by modern F/X standards. But back then, it was a breath of fresh air. Personally, I loved the shots of models of spacecraft taking off from and landing on miniature launchpads. They evoked Luna's airless surface better than any other show to date.
But then, the writers took in in a weird direction, with interdimensional travel, and it got harder to suspend disbelief.
Now that there's finally a real chance of a REAL Moonbase, I propose that we name whatever its center turns out to be, "Harriman Square."
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