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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

Well all gigledish at the end.

I'm sorry but this has to be the most over-hyped movie in a very long time, it's almost as bad as Avatar.

I knew they were going to do that ending before seeing the movie, it wasn't shocking, it was clearly the ending that was going to happen. Halfway through the film I thought because he touched his wife's todum that it no longer works and everything was a dream.

It was a great made movie, but it wasn't "smart", it was just smarter than the crap that is normally released. I heard all these stupid idiot college aged students talking about the film after it ended. Everyone enjoyed it, but no one understood it! It was pretty easy to follow until the last few minutes which you can take to mean a few different things. One dumb (fake) blonde girl went "The movie was soooooo great! I'll have to see it again because I didn't understand it!".

How can you love a movie you don't understand?
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