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Re: Ellen Page: Genre babe of the week #25 (July 2010)

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I hope Erin Kerpluk from Being Erica will be a future selection. She's one of my current crushes
She's my biggest TV crush right now.

I've seen the guy who does these threads a request to use her, there's plenty of pictures of her out there (IMHO) make it happen!
Hell yes! Definite GBOW material. I have to suspend my disbelief while watching Being Erica, cause it's insane that a chick that beautiful, smart and funny needs time travel to fix her train wreck of a life and still can't find a guy.
To be fair she's found four guys over the course of the seires so far just-that one wasn't right for her, one she didn't care for as much as who thought was her OTL, her OTL wasn't as good as the thrill of barista guy and barista guy was a time-traveler too.

But, yeah, you'd think at 32 such a beautiful, feisty, smart woman would have men beating down her doors. I blame the Canadian thing.
Out of hope.
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