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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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I would like to say, the thing that bugs me about movies like this sometimes, is that people (myself included) end up arguing the last 5 seconds of a movie and not the piece on a whole.
That was also a comment my friend made. I counter-argued that even when discussing the last five seconds of a movie, you need to get in-depth about the meaning of the film for that discussion to even work, so in essence even though we are technically discussing the ending of the movie, we're also discussing the themes and ideas of the movie as well.

I also love that, although many of us disagree on what actually happened, we can really get in a conversation about it. Notice no one has stepped in to start trolling up the place or saying how much the film blows, and that there aren't any real arguments about the film? It's all civilized discussion. That really says something. It says the film is really that good. We can discuss ambiguity and intentions and what it all means and what was Nolan's intent till the cows come home, but it's obvious there is no denying the fact that overall it's a really, really good film. And that's really nice to experience once in awhile.
I absolutely agree. I was arguing with another friend about the rating that the film currently has on IMBD. It's apparently ranked #3 of all time, and while I pointed out that it'll very likely get sent down a few notches before all is said and done, he attempted to completely discredit IMBD by saying it wasn't a credible indicator of quality.

Regardless of the credibility of IMBD, I argued that Inception mattered enough to get people to vote, and that is truly something special. Like you said, the fact that people are discussing it and thinking about it means that obviously it had an impact on people, in some shape or form. In the summer movie season, that's an incredible feat in my opinion. It means people paid attention to a smart, intellectual film during the summer. I think that's personally quite awesome.
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