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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

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Prin has a pragmatic sense and isn't so easily swayed by emotion as Ba'el allows himself to be. Kudos to her for seeing something wrong within Kalara's alleged actions, and for moving to speak with someone acting as the Klingon's advocate.

And now, things are suddenly, inexplicably worse... and Prin must decide to fight, flee, or surrender, without knowing which action might lead to a more successful conclusion to this vital mission.

And they say the captain's job is tough!
I wanted Prin to act as a balance on Ba'el - her pragmatic, well-thought out command style acts as a counterweight to his more emotional outlook. That is why they were such a good team during the Resistance until they had their falling out.

Well, at the moment Prin does have the captain's job. She's not able to contact Ba'el and is thus in full control of the ship. Of course, she has the added complication of making a decision that would also be in accordance with his wishes.

Thanks for the comment! Glad you're still reading!
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