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Re: What is an "ion pod?"

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That was probably the most unexplained, therefore confusing plot points in all of TOS. But of course, nowhere near rivals the entire Alternative Factor episode.
Really? If ever there was something that didn't need explaining, it was the ion pod.
Only if all the fans are lawyers.

Nothing person Beaker, but you are obviously out of your element. If the pod contains sensors and the sensor output can be reduced to data capable of being read and understood by a human being inside the pod, than the same output can be fed to systems inside the ship so that nobody need be inside the pod. That discrepancy does need to be explained because it's very obvious to people with a technical background - as obvious as Cogley's incompetence is to a real lawyer.

There is a fairly easy explanation though: The pod the Enterprise was carrying was a prototype without an interface to the ship's systems. It was experimental. It wasn't considered a big deal to require a person inside it because it was easy enough to rig a simple red-alert signal through its communications interface that could warn a person to get out fast.
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