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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

BTW--this is the music that helped me set the mood for the naming scene. Bear McCreary = AWESOME.

BrotherBenny wrote: View Post
Mother of Pearl, that was a good read.

I like the way you handled that, and to have a vessel named after Ngaer is an honour, no matter which race it belongs to.

I even had a tear in my eye.

I maintain that like Diane Duane for the Romulans, you have done for the Cardassians and I am impressed.
Diane Duane is practically my "idol" as far as Trek writing...that is the kindest thing anybody could say. Thank you so much.

And I am glad to know the scene had an impact.

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
Oh, I love the idea of naming the ship with Ngaer's name, sort of.

I also like all the detailed picture you draw with words. I never had patience and skill to do that, I was told I did well characters' small talk, but never was good enough with in-depth picturing. I should learn from you
Conversely, I suck at small talk. I probably would have something to learn from you.

And thank you!

oldstredshrtevr wrote: View Post
We have not because we ask not . . .

I've just read the first couple chapters of this work. I am completely blown away! This treasure has been here two years and I am only now discovering it! I am such a dunderhead!

Riveting from the first chapter - gorgeous characterization - you give them depth and subtlety I didn't expect. I don't have enough superlatives! I am so excited to have found this!

Thank you so much for reading--again, it's an honor that you were willing to give it your time.

Mistral wrote: View Post
You've been missing out, then. This is one of the most elaborate, detailed and well thought out stories posted in Fanfic. This last entry is a clear example of the beauty of this work. N-your descriptions of the ancient armor were superlative, your funereal ceremony was wonderfully portrayed. I can't shower enough praise on this installment.
Thanks for reading. I actually SAW that armor in a dream, as clear as if it were real life...that's where I got the idea. If you're interested, there's a link to the drawing at the top of the post.
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