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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

doubleohfive wrote: View Post
Holy crap, Potemkin! Your bridge looks phenomenal! Congratulations! Very much looking forward to more pics and updates as they are available. ROCK ON!
Thank you. These pics haven't even been posted to our updates page yet. Special sneak preview here.

lennier1 wrote: View Post
Looks really great so far!
Just two questions:
1. Is that railing sturdy enough so actors can lean on it? The old story of giving them something to interact with.
Yes. On Sunday evening, I was dismayed because it totally was wobbly and weak. The reinforcement things (visible on the railing) changed things completely. It's a lot more stable and study.

In fact, you can lean on it, but it's not designed to lean against, so to speak. With such a small bridge, we can move both the helm/nav and both railing to allow for camera angles.

lennier1 wrote: View Post
2. Are you still planning to add glued-on access panels to break up a few wall areas and add button graphics to the empty areas near the captain's hands?
I think we're going with pressure-sensitive labels. The buttons are okay, and we can use them in a pinch, but they just sort of clash with the touch panels everywhere else on the bridge.

lennier1 wrote: View Post
Looking forward to your impressions of the upcoming christening of the set. If there's anything I can do to help just drop me a line.
Thanks! Will do!

DestinyCaptain wrote: View Post
Just a suggestion... Due to the reduced nature of the bridge, you might want to consider locating chairs at Helm and Nav that have a smaller profile to them. When you start packing actors into that set, I think that larger set pieces are going to crowd things a bit. Overall, I think your hard work has really paid off.
Thanks very much! We're intentionally using actors of slight or medium build for the same reason. The chairs we're going to use around the bridge stations are in fact a little smaller, too.

Dennis wrote: View Post
This is a remarkable amount of work for a small production to accomplish in such a short time. Looks good. Congratulations.
Thank you! We appreciate the kind words!
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