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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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First of all, this movie is brilliant, clearly. I've not been this impressed by a sci-fi movie in the theatres since Minority Report.
Really. Because I didn't care for that movie and off the top of my head I'd put Moon, District 9 and A Scanner Darkly as three films I'd say are significantly better than it and which I saw in theatres.

As for the current discussion about the nature of dreams, this movie's quality does not rise or fall based on how accurately it depicts the nature of dreaming.
No argument there, and I said as much in my first post. I think Inception is damn fine film that combines Nolan's high concept head-game thriller style of Memento with his more recent blockbuster fare like the Batman films. It's a psychological movie with stuff blowing up. Pretty much the only bright light in Hollywood's action summer lineup. For all the talk about the film being difficult to follow, however, I found it pretty straightforward after the jarring (and temporally shifting) in medias res sequence at the start of the movie.

I won't fault a sci-fi film for its lack of realism, it would be hypocritical of me - it only matters if it stays true to its own internal rules, and Inception definitely does that.

That said... there's stuff that fascinates me about dreams that basically doesn't exist in Inception (except for the headbending unreality of architecture and folding districts of Paris onto one another); and being a geek, I like to nit pick.
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