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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

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timewalker -- Welcome, new reader! Glad to have you along; thanks so much for reading and reviewing! To answer your question -- I don't know. When I named her, I honestly forgot about the original T'Pring (having not seen Amok Time since I was a little kid), and actually failed to even Google the name (a mistake I stopped making early on, but not early enough!). So really, the name is a coincidence. That said, there's nothing in canon to indicate she couldn't be a distant descendant of the 'original' T'Pring. So ... I guess I could leave it to you all to tell me what you think ... T'Pring -- descended from infamy, or just rather unfortunately named? (It won't affect anything but backstory for this book, but it could affect a future story. Any thoughts?)

I don't recall the book - it may be one of Martin & Mangel's Enterprise era books - somehow Surak is talking to someone who observes that in the many long years of Vulcan history no one had run out of original names - based I think on the premise that the names are combinations of the parent's names and if male start with "S" to honor Surak - so perhaps it is not an unfortunate coincidence so much as somehow honoring a blood relative. Perhaps she is honor bound in some way to regain the faimly honor after the original T'Pring's unfortunate incident!

Of course Vulcans may not view the events of "Amok TIme" the same way humans do - Spock faced a lot of oddly emotional prejudice from his fellow Vulcans . . .
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