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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

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I'm impressed with Prin - despite her dislike for Kalara, she's professional enough to keep digging when something strikes her as odd. Glad that Ianto is back (so to speak) and able to shed some insight and balance into the investigation.

Events continue to unfold at a dizzying pace. It would seem that Prin's investigation may have to be put on hold as she deals with more pressing matters.

Great stuff!

Prin is definitely one of the more grounded characters. I consider her to be more of a throwback to the old Federation - a woman of ideals, with a strong character, who has the ability to be as good as a Picard, or a Janeway. A new generation of captain for this new generation of the Federation.

Ianto is definitely going to be a balance on the investigation. Whether he will be able to find anything is another question entirely.

Glad you enjoyed this! We'll see in the next few chapters how long Prin is going to have to leave things on hold.

Thanks for the comment!
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