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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

EMANATIONS - 1x09 - 2/5

This episode isn't good. There are so many things about this episode that bother me and in addition, it's just boring.

First of all, Chakotay being portrayed as the self-proclaimed expert on religious practices is a little annoying, though I figure he's the most logical choice, given the cast of characters we have.

Once again, Harry Kim gets screwed over and is randomly whisked away and deposited in a coffin. I find this somewhat amusing.

One thing I will say is a nice change of pace is the attitude towards religion (although this was something that DS9 had already established on it's own before VOY). Religion is not dismissed as an antiquated concept - merely a different way of thinking. This is in contrast to TNG's 'religion = nonsense' attitude (although I personally prefer TNG's take as it's more closely aligned with my own attitudes).

Also the special effects with Voyager flying around the planet are VERY pretty, arguably some of the best seen so far on the show.

However, this episode is mostly boring, with in fact, a little discomfort. Voyager's peril in the episode plays out like it's getting corpses fired at it and Kim's escape plan involves a subversion of these people's funeral rites. It's all a bit silly, and in some ways distasteful.

Harry Kim being abducted and deposited in an alien coffin nets him his second time in peril so far.

Harry Kim Horror Count: 2
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