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Re: What is an "ion pod?"

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what the pod was
The pod did something that the Enterprise was incapable of. If the Enterprise was capable of taking the reading without the pod, there would have been no pod.

why someone had to be inside it
The readings could not be taken remotely. this thread has gone though a number of possibilities.

Spock can monitor most of the sensors from the bridge, but not the ones from the pod. Sulu can fire the phasers from the bridge, but there is still a phaser control station elsewhere. Scotty can do a lot from the engineering panel on the bridge, but there are still jeffries tubes, engineering rooms and spaces through out the ship. Finney was in the pod because somebody simply had to be.

why it had to be jettisoned
Kirk said he had to jettison because of the storm.

why Finney wasn't given enough time to get out
Given that he actual did get out, apparently he was provided enough time..

why bridge camera records weren't the very first piece of evidence consulted
But the records were altered by Finney, possibly by Finney prior to his entering the pod. Consulting the cameras would have produced no truth.
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