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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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Often in my dreams locations change in an instant and it doesn't feel odd.
Exactly, happens to me quite often too. Suddenly everything is different and, somehow, it seems perfectly natural and normal.

The dream I have a lot (which I hear is quite common) is that I'm still in school and there's a class I haven't gone to in a month. I graduated college years ago but I still have the dream often.
I've dreams often that I'm going back to school (as in high-school) when I wake-up from the end of Summer vacation, a weekend, or some other reason and I think about whether I know my locker combo, which class I have and when, etc. It's pretty messed-up esp. when I wake up and realize, hey, I'm 32 and haven't been to school in almost fourteen years!

Heheh. Yeah, I still get the high school dream too but it seems that college is the stronger one for me. Probably because of all those math and accouting classes I took. I hate math.

You mentioned you were trying to remember what you locker combo is. This seems to be a common thread. In my dreams, I keep thinking there's a class I need to take to graduate and then wondering if I really took the class. Because in the dream, I hadn't been to that class in a month.

Work is something I dream of too. I had a dream I went back to the bowling alley I used to work for years ago. The place was completely different looking. It wasn't the bowling alley. I knew this even in the dream but to me, there was nothing wrong. It was the bowling alley. Just recently, I had a dream I was going to a retirement party for two people I used to work with at the bowling alley and the guest list included people from my current job. But it all felt natural.

Anyway, just me rambling.

I said it before but I loved the point they raised when they said you can never remember how a dream started. You're just plopped down in the middle of the action.
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